As trained HR business partners, we can help you to emphasize the focus of “people-centered” approaches to doing business and maximizing employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity with our high-caliber HR solutions.

Internship, Co-Op, or Apprenticeship Development

Seeking to grow your workforce and provide real-world work experience by recruiting top early talent? With our former higher education career services experience, we’ll help you develop competitive internship, co-op, or apprenticeship programs by honing in on these areas: job description development & posting, recruitment & selection, program/project planning and management.

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Onboarding Plan / New Hire Training Development

Looking to develop a robust, interactive, seamless onboarding and training process? Have an existing process but want to strengthen and innovate it to align with the latest workforce trends?

Utilize our knowledge in training and onboarding to elevate new hire experiences, enhance their ability to get acclimates, and ultimately increase their engagement and satisfaction while decreasing attrition.

This service includes a deep-dive audit/analysis into your company’s current processes to identify pain points and gaps. We will couple analysis findings with industry research and talent management best practices to transform your new hire onboarding and training blueprint. We’ll establish feedback loops and checkpoints to ensure metrics and outcomes set are consistently monitored and achieved.


Clearly defined employee handbooks are a vital resource for successful companies. They carry immense value in outlining the company’s mission and vision, defining company policies and procedures, ensuring consistent and equitable application of company policies, setting expectations for employee performance and conduct, and protecting your company from liability and potential legal issues arising from conflicts/undocumented policies
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Our team will assist you in developing an effective employee handbook that compiles all necessary policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioral expectations involving your company. We’ll also conduct an audit to determine if there are any common policy gaps that need to be addressed or defined more clearly.

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