Humble beginnings filled with grit, ambition, and determination to achieve success while reaching back to help others achieve their definition of career success…



At Ambition Evolve, we want to prepare and position tech and non-tech savvy individuals to obtain a position that compliments their skill set and maximizes their fullest potential. We understand that the job market can be a complicated, matrixed and fast growing puzzle, and we are ready to help you carve a pathway through to the career of your choice.


The vision of Ambition Evolve is simple. We see Ambition Evolve Career Services as one of the top 10% in minority and women led career services. We envision a space where highly educated, technically and non-technically savvy individuals can acquire all the necessary tools needed to navigate through the tech industry and step into a career they enjoy.

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We specialize in YOU. The Industry Tech, the Software Engineer, The Highly Motivated, Self- Taught Techs, The New Graduate, and everyone in between. We are here to develop your resume, showcase your complex skills, share your success stories and highlight your talents.

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We have over 11 years of resume writing acumen and professional recruiting experience. Also, we have more than 7 years of professional experience in the Tech industry. We have helped our clients land roles across major companies, including Facebook, Google, Gulfstream, etc. Our own career experience includes roles, such as Web Developer, Software Tester, Data Analyst, Software Application Support Specialist, Project Coordinator, and Systems Specialist. Our experience reaches beyond the traditional workplace into the tech industry. No matter the industry you seek to advance in, we can help you assess your qualities and skills, build a network, identify your strengths, know your talents, and grow your career!.

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Kenyetta Nesbitt, MBA


My vision, my mission, and my brand were created specifically to help you navigate your career in tech. My journey began as an ambitious high school student creating my first resume at the age of 15. Growing up in an impoverished community in rural southeast Georgia, I was determined to gain early college admission and college scholarships so that I could break the glass ceilings and generational curses that exist in my community. Overtime, I learned the key to success was not just my obtaining accolades, but allowing others to have visual representation of how I can be an asset to their company. At 19, I landed my first job in tech, and my love for tech has inspired a lifelong connection to the industry.

After 7 years in multi-industry tech roles for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, I made a pivot to higher education career services. My role as a career services specialist supporting thousands of students determining their career path quickly became my passion. Working in various university campuses, including flagship R1 and SEC institutions, has given me the tools and resources to educate my clients on how to maximize their careers. As a current technical recruiter, I unite my passion and expertise to create access for ambitious professionals, like you, to obtain lucrative careers in tech and ultimately transform their livelihood. I’ve created a resume with accolades that speak for itself – a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and an MBA in Human Resource Leadership has allowed me the opportunity to sit at some very successful tables. With the goal of elevating black and other marginalized faces in high-paying careers, I’m taking the resources and knowledge gleaned from my success to reach back and help other hard-working professionals accomplish their career dreams!

Ambition Evolve Career Services is a combination of my love for tech with my passion for supporting others to find their ideal career. We are global solution carriers, utilizing our multi-industry tenure to help you champion your career. We tap into your passion, help discover your career identity, and position you in a place that will synergize your soul.

I can’t wait to work with you!